About Us

Our Committee

Simon Betts
Society President

Simon is a keen society president with a lot of aspirational goals for the society.


Jake Richardson

I enjoy rockets


Rhys Holmes

I love battlebots



“I think the society is a great place for students to engage with the material being taught at the university. It provides opportunities for individuals to pick what they enjoy about technology and then explore that in their own way. The society is ultimately an enabler for student to do more”

- Current Member

“I thoroughly enjoy attending the society as it allows me to go beyond my lectures and learn practically. As a member of the society, I feel a valued part of the team, and that I can make a contribution to projects run by more experienced members.”

- Current Member

“I love battlebots, and this society gives me an outlet to smash them against eachother”

- Current Member

Our History

Beginning 2013

The Electronics and Technology Society was established by Dr James Bell, Cardiff University

Development 2013 - 2018

Shock Sock – UKSEDS Conference Line follows Electronics and Technology Society – More focus on students that want support with their own projects.

Competition 2018 - 2019

First Rocketry competition, finished in 3rd place. First Battlebot championship – University inclusion

Success 2020 - 2021

Society expands number of active members and finishes in the Top Five for Rocketry competition

Our Values


Building and encouraging the development / improvement of skills, more than just Electronics and Technology, we assist you to achieve your goals


Helping students to do more with the time they spend in university. Developing bonds, networks and building the world we want to see


Within the society we encourage our members to get involved with projects that are group led and assist them in every step of the way


Our members are free to work on independent projects, and we can provide funding and connections with academics that can help bring their ideas to fruition